Galactic Planetary Survey: APHO
Survey I.D. # 0354-0015-6012B
System I.D. Apho (#20155)
Surveyor I.D.: Ganter Finnam, chief survey engineer (GPS-25)


The Apho system appears to be completely void of life. The singular planet, which the survey team dubbed, simply, Apho, is a bleached sphere in the blackness of space. The planetary body possesses an erratic orbit around the system’s single star, an aging F-class. The team’s astronomer suggests that the star will go nova in 1.3 billion years.

The survey team landed near the northern pole of the planet and proceeded to canvas the surface from pole to pole. Little water, and no flora or fauna, could be located on the surface. Gravitational pressure is near the maximum limits of our exosuits. The planet should be classified as NOT SUITABLE FOR COLONIZATION.

However, there is a vast supply of iron and chromium alloys beginning only meters beneath the surface. The team’s geologist has marked the planet as a location of interest to mining corporations. The market, she suggests, would be lucrative. It is my suggestion that measures be taken to benefit the League of Free Systems in the parceling out of traces on the surface. The burgeoning military arm of our great League could make considerable use of the resources of Apho.

A final note: several ruined sites have been located at locations throughout the interior of the planet. Our archaeologist suggests the sites belong to a long-lost race inhabiting Apho, perhaps before the gravity exceeded livable limits (estimates put this at 3.3 billion years ago). The sites may contain hints at the culture and fate of these primeval inhabitants. Dr. Lia’ano requests these sites be marked as Galactic Historical Preserves, until such time that research crews can uncover their secrets. [CSE note: this may require a military presence in orbit once information of these discoveries become public knowledge.]


    • Lifeless, but lucrative mining opportunities (military grade resources)
    • Expiration Estimation: 1.3 B.Y.
    • Gravity exceeding habitational limits
    • Primeval (~3.3 B.Y.A.) sites located, request research permits
    • Military presence possibly required


G. Finnam, chief survey engineer (GPS-25)
Dr. P. Lia’ano, archaeologist (GPS-Aux-30)
Dr. C. Marston, astronomer (GPS- 72)
Dr. Q. Koreelan, geologist (GPS-2)


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