Discovery: The Kindlers

The following is adapted from the doctoral thesis of Miarim-Ni, associate professor of xeno-archaeology at Galactic University-Nux campus and senior field archaeologist for the Inter-species Cultural History Project. All Rights Reserved, used by permission of Galactic University Press and the author.

It has been said that all sentient forms of life experience what amounts to a “coming of age” moment–when genetic evolution, social amelioration and cultural advancements coalesce in a perfect storm that produces rapid intellectual, literary and cultural growth over a short period of time.

It is this observed reality that this paper seeks to discuss. Evidence from various, and far flung, planets uncovered over the last six hundred years of archaeological endeavors suggests that all of these major periods of rapid progress owe their genesis to a race of exceptionally advanced beings known to archaeologists and history scholars as “The Kindlers.” It is generally agreed that these accounts are based in history, though perhaps distorted through time and the religious context many of these species ascribed to their work.

Evidence suggests that the Kindlers may have aided evolution in its task–that is, they helped to accelerate the processes required to produce the “perfect storm” of growth and progress. There are many such examples in the archaeological record of certain “god-like” beings aiding species in becoming more than they were; these examples are both literary and illustrative.

Perhaps the example provided by the humans from Sol is to be useful: They bear forward an ancient myth of a titan (a godlike being by all accounts), called Prometheus, who provided the fledgling humans with the gift of fire–effectively jump starting their cultural advancement.

Who were these Kindlers? What was their motivation for aiding evolution? Where were they from? And where did they go? The simple answer is: we do not yet know. But it shall be the purpose of this paper to examine some of the evidence that we do have in hopes that one day we might better understand the Kindlers.


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