Greetings Readers! It has been ages since I’ve updated the Horizon of the Void blog. This is mostly due to being focused on the novel itself. But here I am, back with exciting news about the book and its progress.

I am nearing the conclusion of the first draft. At just over 50,000 words, the book is substantially shorter than I would like (though, it must be noted, I’m still three to five chapters away from the end, so that number is likely to jump up a fair bit). However, I am satisfied with the overall direction of the story. I think it likely that the second draft, which will feature shorter chapters and additional material, will get us up to 80,000 words or more.

As for what comes next, I’ve had the basic plot of the sequel floating around my head since 7 April. I can be that specific because the basic premise is recorded in a memo on my phone. Once HoV #1 is in its final stages I plan to get to begin work on the sequel, tentatively titled Relic. Now, if only the title for the first novel was so easily decided!

Stay tuned to  for more updates and previews in the coming days! And click here to read an excerpt from the first chapter of the book!


–M.E. Dill


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