Galactic Planetary Survey: CAMVOOR
Survey I.D. # 0012-0321-0006
System I.D. Camvoor (#1601)
Surveyor I.D.: Calea Merille, chief survey engineer (GPS-03)


Though records of Camvoor’s history are plentiful, the recent colonization by human mining operations necessitates the updating of League records.

The Camvoor system possesses one of the most interesting colonization histories in all of League space. Originally settled by the industrial genius Camvirran of Ataxes. The current name of the system is said to be a corruption of Camvirran.

Prior to the rebellion against the Hegemony, Camvoor has had various levels of non-native populations. In the years following the rise of the League of Free Systems, Camvoor has seen rapid growth. A human mining company has received authorization from LFS Parliament to begin mining the copious amounts of duranium in the upper crust of the planet, and on several of its moons.

Due to the rapid expansion of LFS military forces, and the recent founding of the Free System’s galactic policing agency, the Free Guard, Camvoor is becoming a central hub for ship-building. Industrial analysts suggest the system will become the leading source of ships and duranium in the Free Systems.

The presence of duranium, an extremely hard metal ore, has been known from the time of its first colonization. Current scans suggest that the planet can supply at least three billion years worth of ore before the deposits begin to deplete.

Very small pockets of indigenous people-groups dwell on Camvoor and its inhabitable moons, currently dubbed Camvoor-I and Camvoor-IV. These indigenes have called the system home for millennia. They are primitive and tend to shun interaction with outsiders, as such, very little is known about these peoples. Most will not approach the mining zones, and a Parliamentary edict has forbidden incursion upon the observed territory of the indigenous people.

Camvoor-I and Camvoor-IV each possess large swaths of ore rich mountain ranges and equatorial temperate rain forests. There has been little activity on the satellites, but that is certain to change within the next century as the operations on Camvoor expand.

In construction is a lunar base on the atmosphere deficient moon of Camvoor-II. It is to serve as both a staging area for the fledgling Free Guard forces as well as to guard the burgeoning industry. Rumor suggests that a penitentiary will also be constructed as part of the base.


    • Very small pockets of indigenous, primitive life-forms
    • Expiration Estimation: 3.4 billion years
    • Acceptable gravitational force
    • Expansion highly likely


C. Merille, chief survey engineer (GPS-03)
Dr. P. Terrick, astronomer (GPS- 602)
Dr. D. Lucra, geologist (GPS-109)
Dr. A. Nedra, socio-zoologist (GPS-AUX-36)

Image Credit: NASA


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