The Free Guard

The Free Guard is the military arm of the League of Free Systems. While there has been no open warfare in the Galaxy since the conclusion of the Great War with the Hegemony over a millennia ago, the Free Guard serves as police and security forces for all member systems.

The Guard was founded by General Supreme Fa’ryn Terrifian, a Xelt warrior and tactician who was renowned not only for his leadership abilities but for being willing to lead his troops into combat, whether by air or land. General Supreme Terrifian served as leader of the Free Guard and liaison with the newly established Free Parliament, advising in all things tactical and defensive. Many, especially among the armed forces, desired to make Terrifian emperor of the Free Systems. Terrifian, to his credit, refused such accolades. It has long been remarked that the General Supreme said: “No system is free so long as a single being controls all.”

The modern Guard is led by Admiral Supreme Korhal, a Shivae huntress of galactic renown for her military accomplishments against marauding pirate bands in the Eastern Reaches. The galaxy is divided into four regions, and each of the four are defended by a large Guard fleet led by a Fleet Admiral. The Admiral Supreme, along with her duties as Parliament Liaison, commands the Parliamentary Fleet positioned in the capital system of Xyrr. Each Fleet Admiral is assisted by no less than three Vice Admirals, who each lead their own fleets beneath the command of the Fleet Admiral.

Commanders oversee capital ships, along with their contingent of star fighters, within the their respective fleets. A fleet has as many Commanders as it has capital ships, though usually this consists of only one or two. Smaller ships, such as frigates, are overseen by a Captain, which is one rank lower than Commander.

Other ranks within the Free Guard are as follows: Lieutenant Commander, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, and Ensign. These ranks are given to those who serve as crew of a Free Guard ship in the naval arm.

The Free Guard does not have a dedicated army, therefore those specially trained for ground combat are known as Marine Commandos and receive rank comparative with those who serve in the naval forces. There are, however, several ranks within the Marines that do not correlate to any naval ranking [See the below table for a complete list of Free Guard ranks].

The leader of Marine Operations bears the rank of Marine Admiral and is second in command to the Admiral Supreme and is also based in the Xyrr system. Marines, while not having standard crewing responsibilities aboard ship, oversee security and weapons systems.



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