I call Western North Carolina home. When I’m not writing fiction I can be found puffing on my favorite pipe, studying ancient languages or debating the newest fan theories on a range of topics from comic books to T.V. shows and movies. Sometimes I do all three of those at once!

I am currently working on my first novel, Horizon of the Void (subtitle pending). Horizon of the Void is the longest work I’ve ever penned, though I have countless other stories in various degrees of completion. As a young man I became obsessed with books where the author crafted worlds with their words. Tolkien is something of a literary role model for me and, while Horizon is a space opera, my first love is epic fantasy. As a teenager I began crafting my own world with my girlfriend (now wife of six years) and composing stories set in that world. World-building is one of my favorite things about being a writer and I hope that I can bring many of those worlds to you all in the future.


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