Horizon of the Void is set in a futuristic Milky Way Galaxy, some thousands of years hence. The Earth is now known only as Sol-III and is no longer the home of the human race. Countless millennia of misuse have transformed the once green and blue orb to a dusty, gray and brown sphere.

Humanity’s life on Earth is but legend. They have since settled as one of many sentient races inhabiting the great big galaxy. They dwell on hundreds of worlds in the ever-expanding League of Free Systems, a military and governmental entity providing structure and safety to its portion of the galaxy. Led by ambassadors of every race, planet, and system the League of Free Systems (or LFS for short) seeks to expand freedom and prosperity to all beneath its beneficent purview.

But all is not well in the galaxy. Mysterious, dangerous forces from a history long relegated to legend are on the rise. Unbeknownst to the LFS and its military arm, the Free Guard, these dangers have crept beyond galactic boundaries, establishing footholds in the most inconspicuous of places.

The fate of the galaxy will soon be settled amongst the stars.

Welcome, spacefarers, to the Galaxy.



~M.E. Dill